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Modernizing Linux

As a user of Linux for around a decade I think things are looking more bright than ever for Linux to be used for Desktop PC's. Here are some of the indicators:

  • More things are happening on the Web. New versions of Internet Explorer conforms to web standards and Linux users have access to both Firefox and Google Chrome. In the past many pages looked awful and did not work properly on Linux, this is no longer the case.
  • Linux finally have a commercial platform for gaming: Steam
  • NVIDIA drivers for Linux give same performance on Linux as on Window. While NVIDIA could be much better on the open source front, they at least make it possible to play even the newest games on Linux.
  • Intels new processors come with GPU build-in. The GPU has native open-source support and performance relatively good. In the future this will mean that there should be fewer graphics problems when buying a laptop (ie.: external screen, using projector should work).
  • TV's, Smartphones and Routers all user Linux kernel, therefore more money than ever is invested into kernel development. Unlike traditional commercial development, money invested into one part of Linux can give benefit to many other parts. Ie. when money is invested into improving graphical performance for one vendor, necessary changes to the fundamental framework might give higher performance for other vendors too.

However Linux is still needing some work for it to be an easy Desktop alternative to Mac and Windows. On this page I will give some suggestions on how to improve Linux.

I have also made a list of great programs running on Linux